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Antiques Tell A Long Story, But We’ll Get To The Point

Antiques are more than just an old chandelier or a priceless diamond ring. Like people, they have stories, long and rich, and they’re dying to share those stories with the world. For example, maybe your grandmother’s necklace was carried with her through WWII, or a piece of pottery you own dates all the way back to the Renaissance era. If you want to find out the stories your antiques tell, you’re in the right place! I, Roth, shall guide you in your efforts to research and discover what yarns your collector’s item is yearning to spin. Whether you:

  • Inherited an antique from a deceased relative, and have no idea where it’s from.
  • Want to get a fair appraisal of the product’s value.
  • Or just want to have a cool story to tell your kids and their kids someday.

I can give you a free  (no obligation!) quote on how nice (or trashy) your antique is, and point you to resources to discover their value, both financial and sentimental. If you think your antique knows more than it’s telling, feel free to contact me today.



Quote of the Day:

“If you think your antiques have no story, maybe you’re just not listening.”-Roth


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Don’t Sell That Antique Just Yet! Sometimes A New Coat Of Paint Brings New Perspective

Don’t Sell That Antique Yet!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably digging through your parents’ basement, finding antiques, and wondering what to do with them. Have no fear! I, Roth, am here to help you out. Sometimes an antique, much like a person, just needs a little bit of love. That extra coat of paint can take it from “who would buy that?!” to “who would sell that?!” in a matter of hours.


Antique Recycling and Repairs

If you ask me, there’s simply nothing better than knowing a priceless family heirloom will live on forever. Be creative! Maybe you can melt down your grandmother’s wedding ring and put it in a necklace, or perhaps that old trophy your kid won in middle school won’t disgrace your showcase anymore if you painted over its blemishes. There’s almost no end to how artsy you can get with old stuff; some people even recycle their antiques into landfills or compost bins, or make art from them.

Antique Makeover

No, this isn’t some new reality show I’m launching (the thought did cross my mind, however). Instead, I’m teaching you some crafty ways to makeover your antiques (the item antiques, not your grandma). If you have an old plaque or trophy you no longer want, you can pass it on to a pawn store or local charity. There are plenty of resale sites where nearby people can take used goods off your hands, and you will not only get rid of something you don’t want but give someone else a new life with their collector’s item.

Quote of The Day

“Antiques are like wine. If they’re high-quality, you probably can’t afford them.”-Roth

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Antiques: Why You Don’t Need To Pay As Much As You Think

Antiques: Why You Don’t Need To Pay As Much As You Think

How much do you think you should pay for an antique vase? How about for a coin from before the fall of the Roman Empire? You know what I think you should pay for these collector’s items? Less than what they’re charging you, of course! Here’s why you’re overpaying when it comes to antique purchases.

Caulk Is Cheap

Many things you think should command a high price, can actually be bought much lower at another store. Go with a place like Goodwill, for instance. The same vase that looks like it should cost hundreds of dollars at HomeGoods can be grabbed for pennies on the dollar at a place like Goodwill with gently used goods. You say cheap, I say thrifty!


Antiques Go Digital

I know what you’re thinking: “But Roth, you would be remiss not to mention sites like Overstock or Ebay.” Read my mind! Just because these little trinkets are thousands of years old doesn’t mean they can’t act a little modern! is another great source of antiques at cheap prices, and are much more convenient than those brick-and-mortar stores (or should I say Dino-stores?).

That’s all for today, folks. Go forth and get great prices!

Quote of The Day:

“If you can dream it, I can sell it to you at half price!”-Roth

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Fantastic Antiques And Where To Find Them

Antiques, And Where To Find Them

Have you found “the one” yet? I’m not talking about your love life; I mean in your antique life! If you have a yearning in your soul for 18th-century armor (who doesn’t?) or a prized painting, you’re in the right place. I, Roth, know all about antiques, and am willing to impart my wisdom on you. Sit back and get ready to be enlightened. If you have any other questions about antiques, you can contact me anytime.



Pawn Shop Antiques

Who wants to pay top dollar for an antique piece that might end up sitting in their basement for years? I know I sure don’t! That’s why I search the local pawn shops for good deals, and snatch them up wherever I see them. If you’re suddenly finding you don’t want or need them, far be it from me to stop you from reselling or regifting.

Flea Market Antiques

What’s that I hear? The sound of cheaply-made products at low prices? You’re not dreaming, you’re at a flea market! Grabbing antiques from here will typically cost less than the big-box stores, and you might very well find some odd or end you didn’t expect. It’s a win-win!

Quote Of The Day:

“It only looks scratched. Trust me.”-Every flea market vendor


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Antique Reupholstery: Just Because They’re Old, Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Need Love

Antiques And Reupholstering

Antiques are old.  Not just old like your grandmother, either. They are hundreds or sometimes thousands of years old. So, forgive them if they rust a little. Reupholstering your antiques can be a great way to give them that “I don’t look a day over 3 centuries” look.

Whether you have an old vase that’s been in the family for decades, or just inherited a priceless heirloom from a relative, antiques need love and care just like people.

Antique Reupholstering

If you’re interested in adding a little luster to your mother’s hundred-year-old diamond ring, why not contact Roth (me) today? I guarantee your satisfaction! Have questions about why I’m qualified? Learn more about my background here.

Quote of The Day

“I’m not old, I’m vintage!”-Roth

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Antiques are History

Antiques are History

antiquesAntiques are the best part of history.  You can learn so much by studying different antiques.  Those little tinkers can not only be worth a fortune, but add real character to your home.  I personally love having antiques in my home because they do the following:

  • Add Character to house and home
  • Provoke conversation about their history
  • They are cool and unique
  • In most cases, they are the cheapest form of art

I’m a believer that everyone should have antiques in their homes.  As you can tell by my About Page, I’m a huge believer in the power behind antiques.

Quote of the day…

Antiques are more than ART, they are History


I present to you a Clip from the Antiques Road Show

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Welcome Everyone

Hello there, I’m Roth, the owner of Antiques by Roth.

I’d like to welcome everyone to my blog about… you guessed it, Antiques!

I’m looking forward to giving you the run down on every little last detail about antiques.

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